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Holistic & Spiritual Healing Practice

I have been a natural healer since childhood, always drawn to and willing to help those who need friendship, support and guidance. I realised my childhood ambition and qualified as a midwife in 2000, beginning my journey into holistic and spiritual healing, guidance and counselling a year later, when I experienced and then learned Reiki. As the years have gone on I have learned other healing techniques and practices, broadened my knowledge and experience of holistic and spiritual healing techniques and have seen them work to often remarkable effect.

Over the past few years my healing has been changing enormously as I develop in my self and my practice, channelling healing, wisdom and guidance in a relaxed, informal way. The most profound healings take place through conversation, consultation and a sharing of your journey. Often there are undertones of past or present life influences which create barriers, hidden belief systems or scars which may need to be released. This is often done without you being aware of it, but sometimes you may experience a cleansing and will need to be kind to yourself for a while. The healing you receive through me may or may not be what you expect but it will always be what you need! Many of my clients and students often joke that they need to see me to be 'Bev'd'! It sounds funny, but it about sums it up!

Holistic and spiritual healing and guidance is offered to help promote and encourage holistic wellbeing - that is, health at all levels of being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - through an appreciation of the Human Energy System and the influences our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes have on our lives.


I do still offer more formal energy and holistic treatments for those who wish to have them and have listed them here for you. 


Therapies currently offered




Home Visit

Spiritual Healing MOT


Angelic Healing


Hopi Earcandling























* Treatment times are approximate. However, we don't treat by the clock, we treat by individual need, so please don't feel that you will be rushed out the door!


Holistic Health practitioners do not diagnose conditions, imply that they can cure nor do they perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals. It is therefore strongly recommended that you contact your GP or other healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your health before consulting a holistic therapist.

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Angel Healing and Angel Messages

My 'In the Hands of Angels' healing experiences are a form of spiritual healing, in which I channel the healing energies, guidance and inspiration of Angels and Archangels to create a wonderfully relaxing, calming and often profoundly healing treatment.


I allow myself to be guided by the Angels to give you the most appropriate healing, usually though guided meditation. You may experience aura and chakra cleansing, ethereal cord cutting (not in the least bit painful, I promise!), curse and dagger lifting (sounds quite frightening but is painless and very enlightening!, Angelic Counselling, or simply the energetic removal of 'excess baggage' that has been holding you back or holding you down.

Allowing yourself to relax, unwind and be taken up to the Angels for healing empowers you to release all that no longer serves you well and leaves you feeling light, refreshed and very often much more energetic and optimistic.


I've had people find me many months after their Angel Healing took place, to let me know how profound their healing was, how the effects have continued and how it has transformed their lives! It's wonderful to get such positive and happy feedback from these healing experiences.


Please Contact Me if you would like to book an 'In the Hands of Angels' healing experience.

Channelled messages from your Angels also bring healing. My 'Inspirations' readings are given through a combination of Angel Oracle Cards and channelled connection and will always offer loving guidance, support and messages intended to illuminate your path. They often show where you have been, where you are now and where you are going, most often identifying aspects of yourself that you deny, don't recognise or need to nurture. You will always receive Angel Healing with your guidance, which is always very honest and sometimes a little astonishing, but will always be loving!

Please Contact Me if you would like to receive your personal message from your Angels through a full channelled Inspirations Reading. 07962 005219

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Crystals and Colour Healing

Chakra balancing with crystals is a wonderfully beneficial and yet gentle natural healing technique which calls on the remarkable healing properties of specific crystals and stones to restore balance and harmony within the spinning energy centres, the 'Chakras'.


I am now working with higher spiritual energies to bring online the 5 dormant chakras. This will facilitate spiritual growth and expansion beyond that which has been within our reach for a very long time, opening you to wider spiritual truths and wisdom, gifts and abilities which can be used to the greater good.


I am also attuned to the Ethereal Crystals healing system, which enables me to 'place' crystals and their healing properties within the body rather than just on or beside it. It's a marvellous energetic enhancement to a wonderful healing experience.


The use of colour for healing has been used for centuries. Many of us are now aware of the influence and impact colour has on our state of mind and sense of wellbeing. There are many phrases that use colour to describe mood, eg. Feeling Blue, meaning feeling sad, down or depressed or in the Pink, meaning feeling healthy and happy.


I see and experience colour a great deal when using my energy healing techniques and I am now also using colour, guided through my dowsing pendulum for colour healing with wonderfully therapeutic results.


Please Contact Me if you would like to book a chakra balancing with crystals treatment. 07962 005219



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Hopi Earcandling

Hopi Earcandles originate from Shamanic traditions and came to the west through the Hopi Tribe of Native American Indians. Traditionally used to cleanse and harmonise different energy fields of the individual energy field (Aura), to prepare the mediumistic state of trance and also to expel negative energy, they are now mainly used in promoting relaxation and assisting with conditions of the head, ear, nose and throat.


Made from completely natural ingredients to a very high standard, Hopi earcandles work by causing a light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame helps to create a vibration of air in the earcandle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum.


This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. Great for assisting with compacted ear wax, tinnitus and other ear conditions, sinus congestion, migraine and headaches and conditions such as hayfever, colds and flu, they can also be used just before flying to relieve ear pressure problems in flight.


All Hopi Treatments are carried out safely and professionally and include a full lymphatic drainage facial and ear massage to complete the treatment.


Often my Reiki will 'switch on' or the healing Angels will draw close to us as your treatment gets underway. I will of course discuss this with you both at the start of the treatment and if/when it happens and if you do not wish to receive the additional healing it will not be accepted.


There are a few contra-indications which must be considered before having a Hopi treatment and a full consultation will be carried out before your treatment starts, so that I have an understanding of your current state of health and wellbeing. And again, as with many holistic therapies, you will be advised to drink plenty of water in the hours following your treatment, to keep your body hydrated and to prevent a dehydration headache occurring as your system continues to detoxify.


Please Contact Me if you would like to book a Hopi Earcandling Treatment. 07962 005219

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Usui Reiki Ryoho Healing System - Reiki.


I am an experienced Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and can trace my Lineage directly back to the founder Mikao Usui. I am an insured Practitioner and a member of The Reiki Healers and Teachers Society. I am delighted to offer a relaxed and empowering Reiki healing and teaching practice.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a gentle and yet powerful energy healing technique that promotes self healing through relaxation and the channelling of Universal Healing Energy through the practitioners hands, eyes, breath and intention during a 'Reiki Giving Hour' treatment. As a Reiki Master Practitioner, I have enhanced healing abilities and am able, if appropriate to give Master Healing Attunements which deliver the equivalent of a Reiki Giving Hour treatment in just 15 minutes. 


A full consultation will be completed before your treatment begins, so that I have an idea of your general health, lifestyle and energy levels before we start. It might be necessary for us to let your GP know that you would like to receive energy healing, before we go ahead with the treatments. If this is the case, I will advise you so and will write to your GP on your behalf.


During your Reiki Treatment you should feel very relaxed and may even fall asleep! This is quite normal and acceptable so please don't worry about it at all. If you would like to talk during your treatment, again this is quite acceptable and not a problem at all, it won't interfere with your healing at all, in fact, it will be part of it! You may experience some sensations when receiving your healing, such as heat from my hands (they tend to get very hot!), or tingling on your body, where my hands are or where the energy is flowing to. You might be aware of twitching (which are often signs of energy blockages being released) and you might even see colours when your eyes are shut!


Some people even have wonderful dream like experiences, visit beautiful places, meet guides or Angels or lost loved ones! Your Reiki healing experience is your own and your healing takes place on a level that you require, so please, enjoy!


It is important to be receptive to this healing energy as you are the one who, on a higher energetic level, calls in the energy that enables healing to take place. Your Reiki Practitioner is simply a channel for the energy, acting a little bit like a straw, guiding the energies to you for you to take and use in whatever quantity your own energy system needs. You can never take too much energy and your healing will always take place for your highest good.


The healing doesn't stop when your treatment finishes, Reiki usually continues to flow for several hours or a day or two afterwards and I very often request that you continue to receive your healing each night when you go to sleep for a week or two afterwards.


There are no side effects to Reiki healing so to speak, but it is important to drink lots of water - at least a litre of water in the 12 hours following a treatment - as Reiki enhances your body's cleansing and detoxifying abilities, making your kidneys more efficient, which means that you will need to keep your water levels topped up to prevent getting a hang over style headache!


Please Contact Me if you would like to book a Reiki Giving Hour or Master Healing treatment


Reiki Healing can also be received through Distance Healing, allowing you to receive Reiki Healing energy at a time and in a place to suit your schedule, without accessing your Reiki Practitioner in person. Reiki is no less effective when received in this way and the wonderful thing here is, that you don't need to worry about becoming fully alert again or driving home!


Please Contact Me if you would like to book a distance healing treatment. 07962 005219


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If you would like to receive a healing treatment, spiritual guidance, need further information or would like to talk to me, please don't hesitate to Contact Me via email or telephone on 07962 005219. As this is a mobile telephone number I will gladly take your contact details and call you back. If I am unavailable, please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I am able.

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