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Holistic & Spiritual Health and Wellbeing


Beverley Lewis - Holistic & Spiritual Healer and Guide,

Steve Lewis - Massage Therapist, 

based in Heckington, Nr. Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England


I have pleasure in sharing some of the wonderful feedback I've received, with grateful thanks to those who gave it xx

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Well what can I say...That was awesome and sooooo strong (Angel Light Initiation). I can't believe a distant attunement could be so strong. I really enjoyed that thank you so much. P W, Retford, England.

Really enjoyed my attunement thanks.  I saw purple balls and flames, then purple rings (like eye irises) which grew, then I climbed through – fascinating. Really looking forward to working with St Germaine and the Silver Violet Flame. Thanks ever so much. Much love and light -  L B, Sleaford, England.


WELL! Where do I begin? Thank you, first and foremost. (Colours of Angels). 10.30am started seeing colours weaving in and out of each other blue, green yellow, pink, purple, gold predominantly bright green and golden yellow. Then I felt it was almost like someone was pouring lukewarm water into my crown, lots of twitching, slightly emotional, a feeling of love and being loved. Then I felt someone place a diadem (a small crown) on my head and told me to walk forward and take my place (how bizarre) it felt very ethereal and I could not feel myself breathing, then at 11.05 it all stopped. Can't wait to see how my future unfolds using it. Thank you again Love& Light M F, Birmingham, England.


Hi Bev, Well your attunements are never dull! (Celtic Reiki First Degree). Lots of swirling colours again but more misty, lots of activity in my feet and legs and almost like a magnet pulling down, a bit of activity in my heart chakra again, then I was given the name either aniel or haniel and told I was to let go and it was time to awaken from my sleep, there is something profound going on .Thanks again. M F, Birmingham, England.


Hello Bev. Yes, for me it was nice to have the attunement (Colours of Angels). I saw colours of the rainbow. I felt peaceful and good. It was a nice experience and I think I'm still in that mood of last night. Love B B, Belgium.

Hello Bev, Just received the certificates, they're very lovely. I like the Reiki certificates, they are very special. Thanks a lot, hope we stay in contact, love, B B, Belgium.

Good morning Bev - Well what a lovely experience the attunement was! (Karmic Reiki Level 1). I sat in my garden in my favourite swing seat with a huge clear quartz crystal underneath. There were candles, lots of cushions and incense. For the previous 20 min. my heart had been pounding and I was quite short of breath but as soon as I sat down at about 10 to 9 my head started to 'go'.  I asked for protection and invited Ascended Masters, angels and my own particular guides in to join in this joyous occasion whilst opening my chakras. Just at the point when I'd finished this, my solar plexus 'went' and I wanted to cry. I knew it had begun. My hands started burning and I became aware of a ball of energy growing from them until it encompassed me. I saw such a serene face that I could only call him Jesus, then an Indian woman holding a child (older) to her heart who I really connected with (my son and I). I felt her to represent Lady Quan Yin. There were also sweet angels faces hovering. The next thing was that I was standing behind a seated statue of Buddha with a blonde lady (lovely smile) approaching. I then became Buddha and the lady was behind me with her hands placed on my shoulders. After a short while she cupped my ears with her hands. Next thing I was aware of was her standing in front of me with her arms crossed over her chest, hands on her shoulders, and then she bowed. Saw Jesus again and Mother Mary. There were lots of other images and feelings that I forget now but all of a sudden I felt a release from the energy that had been holding me and I felt very weepy and emotional. It was over at 9.20pm. Thank you. I am so looking forward to the Elemental Reiki on Thursday, same time and place. May the angels love and protect you, smoothing your day ahead for the work you do - J W, Chester, England.

Dear Bev - I hope you really appreciate how fantastic a time I've had during the attunements you have so kindly sent. Words can't really express just how much these last few weeks have meant to me, in so many ways. Thank you. You have such a generosity of spirit. I knew you were the 'one' for me as soon as I happened upon your website. I have confidence in you. My love, thanks and dearest wishes go to you from my heart. J W, Chester, England.

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