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Angel Workshops

Thank you for being such an inspiration. I truly had a wonderful day.


SC. Lincolnshire


Thank you for yesterday I really enjoyed myself it's given me more confidence in myself and it was lovely to meet yourself and lots of new people too.


KP. Lincoln


Distance Attunements

I am so glad that you are helping me with my spiritual growth, I feel unbelievably excited and thanks for making the package suit my needs. I think you are doing a great job and I hope one day to be a fine spiritual teacher like you.


LP. London



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Spiritual Healing - Beverley Lewis


The spiritual aspect of my healing practice is through my work in channelling angelic energies for healing and guidance and for personal and spiritual development. Their energies are gentle and loving but at the same time very powerful - not in an overwhelming way, but I have observed many wonderful transformations and productive reframing of attitudes and self belief in clients who have accepted angelic help.  

Until a few of years ago, I didn't really give Angels a second thought. I sort of new they were there, I sort of believed in them, but I didn't work with them and I didn't ask them for anything. But that all changed following a workshop I attended late in 2004 and from there the angels have been a constant in my work, my home and my life. They bring inspiration, fun and joy and a great deal of reassurance and comfort when I need it and if they can do that for me, they can do that for you too!

We are all able to have angelic help, all we need to do is ask. Allowing Angels into your life will enrich, improve and empower you and will shine a loving light on your path through this lifetime and into any dark corners or tricky situations you come across.

If you have decisions to make, are confused or concerned or in need of guidance and support, turn to the angels and you will receive all the help and support you need. You don't need any special psychic skills or any other person to connect you with your Angels, they are there for you, working alongside you and ready to help in any way they can.

You may have experienced them already - say in a moment of need, of crisis or emergency, when something that goes beyond 'normal' occurs and disasters are averted! You may already find white feathers, see 'sprinkles' (twinkles of pure white or coloured light that catch your eye) or catch a glimpse of something in the corner of your eye, but when you turn, nothing is there. You may here a whisper, sweet singing or even a surprising but apt thought, which just pops into your head; or you may feel a warming breeze in a closed room, smell a comforting fragrance or have feelings of love, warmth, peace or reassurance wash over you at times of need. All of these can be signs of loving angelic support!

And this support is there for you always! But if you would like to know more about the Angels and how or why they help, or would like to strengthen your conscious connection to the Angels, to meet your own personal Guardian Angel or learn how to connect more deeply when using Angel Cards as a way to receive their guidance, I can help you.


I currently run four wonderful and inspiring full day Angel Workshops, offer a number of distance Angel Attunements and can provide guidance and support for you through channelled Inspirations Messages from your Angels, either in person or by email. I am also able to offer wonderfully relaxing and often liberating 'In The Hands of Angels' healing treatments, either in my therapy room at Heckington or via distance healing.


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