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Relaxation - Beverley Lewis

The importance of relaxation to our health and wellbeing is becoming more and more evident, with a great deal of medical research data adding to the weight of our understanding of it's significance. There is a proven link between conditions of stress and anxiety and physical ill health and collapse. Our modern pace of life and the pressures of our society compound this problem.

Disengaging from this pressure and allowing the body, mind and emotions to relax and unwind regularly, has proven to greatly improve general health and wellbeing, allowing us to experience that all important 'time out' which helps restore our energy levels and promotes a sense of balance and harmony.

On a physical level this can result in a lowering of raised blood pressure and rapid pulse rates, a reduction in the stress hormones which contribute to or create stress related illnesses and can help to relieve the pain associated with tension, including tension headaches, muscle knots and spasm.

On an emotional level, the ability to relax and take time out helps in stabilising  hormone release and promotes a more regular sleeping pattern, allowing us to better cope with what the day sends our way.

On a mental level, taking that all important time out to relax and unwind helps to recharge the mental batteries, turns the mind off in a way that can be as restorative as several hours sleep and provides the opportunity for renewed clarity of thought and creative vision.

On a spiritual level, relaxation also gives you the opportunity, should you wish to take it, to find a sense of inner peace and calm, from where you may chose to explore your spirituality, speak to your guides and angels, your god or creator and more importantly, be relaxed and responsive enough to hear the answers to any questions or requests for guidance you may have.

Many complementary, alternative and holistic therapies create an atmosphere of relaxation, which allows the client to disengage from their usual routines, stresses and concerns, enabling therapists to work at deeper levels of healing, stimulating the body's own healing responses and restoring energy levels, balance and a sense of holistic wellbeing.

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Free breathing exercise presented as a pdf document which will help in promoting a sense of relaxation.





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