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Holistic Healing - Beverley Lewis

Healing Sessions - Spiritual MOT's - 45

I offer intuitive healing sessions both distantly and in person, based either in the comfort of your own home or here in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of my home.

Healing takes place during a spiritually led channelled guidance/healing experience, often incorporating discussion and conversation with spiritual guidance, meditation with channelled healing energies, as well as with positive reframing techniques.

Always a refreshing and often relaxing experience, wherever possible I also provide support documentation (usually sent by email so that you can keep on your own pc files) for any of techniques used so that you can carry on with things at home :-).


Healing Treatments - 30

I also offer 'modality specific' healing treatments, including Reiki, Angel Healing, Hopi Earcandling and energy healing using any of the energy healing modalities found here on Solana.


More information about Holistic, energy and spiritual healing philosophy


For many years western medicine concentrated on each aspect of self separately, treating  mental dysfunction, emotional distress and physical ailments individually, with seemingly no appreciation that their dysfunction could impact on the other aspects of self. Over the last couple of decades or so this philosophy has changed and a more holistic view of health and wellbeing is emerging and with it, a growing appreciation and acceptance of alternative and holistic healing methods.

It is now quite widely appreciated that our physical wellbeing can be adversely affected by our emotional or mental health, that mental stress or emotional distress can manifest itself in our physical self. Many of us now accept for example, that worry can cause tension headaches, muscle knots or neck pain and that stress can ultimately cause serious conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

These are just a few of the more commonly accepted physical manifestations of emotional and mental strain. Many more physical illnesses and diseases have origins in, or are made worse by, issues affecting our emotional or mental self and an unfulfilled or unhappy spiritual state could ultimately result in physical symptoms, as this disharmony transfers itself through our mental and emotional self into our physical body.

All holistic and spiritual health practices work on the principles of creating balance to the whole self, recognising the relationships between body, mind and emotions, with the aim to create a state of optimum physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Practitioners work on the energy system and employ the principles and importance of relaxation, meditation, self awareness and sound general health advice.

The Human Energy System, the Aura, Chakras and Meridians are an integral part of any holistic therapy practice and are seen as the gateway to good health and wellbeing. A balanced energy system with a clean and clear aura, balanced Chakras and free flowing Meridians clear of energy blockages will reflect in good physical health, balanced moods and emotions, mental agility, reduced stress and a comfortable and contented spiritual outlook.

Relaxation - Through relaxation we are able to restore balance and harmony and enable the body to begin the natural process of self healing.  This natural healing process is aided and amplified by use of the many and varied healing systems and therapies offered here at Solana, creating a gentle and yet powerful personal healing experience, guided by your individual and unique needs.

Meditation - Meditation is a wonderful, restorative health practice, which allows you to take time out to listen and to learn. It is a powerful healing technique which restores balance and equilibrium to our body, quietens the constant chatter of our mind and helps to heal our emotions by enabling us to receive divine guidance; hearing the answers to those many questions we put out each day.

Crystals - Using the remarkable healing properties of specific crystals and natural stones helps in restoring balance and harmony within the body's seven main energy centres and promoting holistic wellbeing. Science acknowledges and modern society uses crystal energies in quartz clocks, processors etc, but struggles to accept the more subtle influences their energies have on the human energy system and ultimately on health. Yet the 'fashion' of wearing stones on our body in jewellery began, it is suggested, to keep the healing properties of the many precious and semi precious stones near our body for healing and health benefits, not just to look pretty!




Colour - The effects of colour on our mood and wellbeing have been known to man for centuries. There are many phrases that use colour to describe mood, eg. Feeling Blue - meaning feeling sad, down or depressed; In the Pink - meaning happy and healthy. The Ancient Egyptians used colour healing temples and rooms, specifically for healing certain maladies and conditions with particular colours. Many of us are now aware of the influence and impact colour has on our state of mind and sense of wellbeing.


I see and experience colour a great deal when both giving and receiving energy healing and I use colour in helping me identify where energy blocks might be and why.

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