Morning Reiki Share Meeting - 5

9.30am - 12 Noon approx


As well as a monthly distance Reiki Share group I will be hosting a morning Reiki Share meeting, which is open not just to my own students, but to any Usui Reiki Practitioners who live locally and can access the group meetings. Usual dates for the shares will be the third Friday of each month, but please check my diary page just in case they move due to holidays etc.


These meetings give us the opportunity to share our experiences in practice and to discuss any questions raised from our Reiki experiences, to clarify any points raised from your Reiki workshops, or any areas of concern or lack of confidence we might have. If you would prefer a daytime share meeting, just let me know and I'll see if I can get one arranged for you :-)


Open to all levels of Usui Reiki Practitioner from First Degree to Master/Teachers, they also give the opportunity to receive in person Empowerments from myself, for attending Teachers to practice their attunement ceremonies and for us all to increase our knowledge of Western and Eastern Reiki techniques from the *Reiki Sourcebook.


Techniques practiced include Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho Scanning techniques; sending Reiki with the eyes and breath - Gyoshi Ho and Koki Ho, and also practice working with Crystals and Pendulum.


I provide written, emailed support material for any new techniques practiced so that you can add it to your learning and/or teaching manuals.

Please Contact Me if you would like to attend, or would like more information on Reiki, Reiki workshops or treatments. 

*Bronwen & Frans Steine - The Reiki Sourcebook (2003) - O Books, Hants, UK.

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