Usui Reiki - Combined Master/Teacher Degree - Two Day Course      400

I also offer a combined Usui Reiki Master/Teacher course for those of you who, like me, simply know that you should share this wonderful healing art with your clients as well as your family or friends. Reiki is a personal journey and for some, it may be more appropriate to learn these two stages separately and for others it is equally appropriate for them to be learned together.


The course content is the same as when taken individually and will be tailored to your individual teaching needs. If you have previously been attuned by another Reiki Master, we will arrange a pre course meeting where we can go through your current level of experience and manual content, so that we don't tread on old ground, I don't try to teach granny to suck eggs! and to ensure that you get the best out of our time together.


I have set this course schedule over 2 days, but if you would prefer more time for practice, discussion and to gain experience in hosting workshops, through mentorship for example, I am more than willing to accommodate this which again can be discussed during our pre course meeting.


To reserve a place on this workshop, please Contact Me. You are welcome to pay in full on the day, or if you prefer, you can pay online through Paypal, by following this link:


Payment for this course can also be by instalments, with certification once final and full payment has been received. This may be especially suitable when undertaking mentorship, has obvious benefits and is undertaken in an environment of mutual trust and respect.


Other planned workshop dates can be found on my diary page but if these aren't convenient again please Contact Me and I will arrange a suitable date with you.


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