Usui Reiki Ryoho Healing System - Combined First and Second Degree -

Two Day Course - 150


In this empowering two day course you will be introduced to the wonderful spiritual and energetic healing system of Usui Reiki and will begin your journey of self healing and self acceptance through the Five Reiki Principles and self healing practices.  Your healing intentions will then be empowered and enhanced by knowledge of and connection to the three practitioner level Reiki Symbols.

You will also gain an overview of the human energy system - the Aura and Chakras on which we work and will begin to explore Japanese Reiki healing techniques using your hands, eyes and breath! 

No previous experience of Reiki is required, although if you have experienced Reiki healing treatments in the past you will be familiar with the feel and effects of Reiki healing, which will be experienced during and following the attunement processes.

During this two day course you will:

  • Receive 7 Reiki Attunement ceremonies, 4 during the first day to Reiki First Degree and a further 3 on the second day to the Reiki Symbols and Reiki Second Degree - these cleanse your chakras, open and strengthen your healing gift and personal energies and strengthen your energetic connection to the Usui Reiki Symbols
  • Learn the background of Mikao Usui and history of Western Reiki
  • Learn the Five Reiki Principles behind Usui Reiki.
  • Gain an understanding of the Human Energy system.
  • Learn cleansing, grounding & energy protection techniques.
  • Practice the Usui Meditation and learn self healing methods.
  • Learn use of and practice drawing the three Reiki healing symbols.
  • Be shown optional hand positions and methods of treatment on others
  • Introduced to using Reiki through the eyes and breath
  • Using Reiki to see auras and past lives
  • Introduce the use of crystals with Reiki.
  • Discuss Practitioner Requirements, Ethics and Code of Conduct and Insurance.

You will be required to complete some Evidence in Practice before being issued with your Usui Reiki Second Degree Certificate.

This is a two day, in person course, with ongoing support via email or telephone. Further in person meetings can be arranged if and as appropriate/required and you will be issued with a Certificate on completion of your First Degree element (first day) and will be issued with a Practitioner certificate after completion of your Evidence in Practice.

You can secure a place on this course with a 15 deposit. Planned workshop dates can be found on my diary page, but if these aren't convenient or you would prefer weekday dates, please Contact Me.

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