Meet and Work with your Spirit Guide - Half Day/Evening Class 25*


In this half day/evening class you will be guided through meditation to meet with and possibly even receive the name of the Spirit Guide that is working closely with you at this time.


We all have a Life Guide who accompanies us on our earth journey throughout our lifetime but we also have many other guides who, like friends and acquaintances, teachers, mentors and family in our physical life, step in at certain times in our lives to offer their help, support and specific guidance.


You may be introduced to your Life guide, or to another working closely with you at this time. In this wonderfully enlightening course, you will discover ways in which your guide helps you and communicates with you, helping you to interact more consciously with them in your daily life.


*25 when within a group of 4-8 people. Individual guidance and tuition 30.


To reserve a place on this class, please Contact Me. You are welcome to pay in full on the day, or if you prefer, you can pay online through Paypal, by following this link:


Other planned class dates can be found on my diary page but if these aren't convenient again please Contact Me and I will arrange a suitable date with you.


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