Sacred Breath Healing System Distance Attunement - 25

Sacred Breath is the name of an exquisite healing system that was created by the Rev. Wanda S. Ruffner and is primarily a self healing system but can be used to heal others. It combines many different therapies and comes with a huge 76 page manual containing details of them all. The manual includes:

Introduction & History The Breath
Breath of the East Wind and the Elemental Breath of Air

Breath of the West and the Elemental Breath of Water

Breath of the South and the Elemental Breath of Fire

Breath of the North and the Elemental Breath of Earth

Breath of the Rainbow;  Breathing in the Moon; Breathing in the Sun

Crystal Clearing Breath; Dolphin Breath/Meditation

 Healing With Sound; Hand Positions

Additional Information/Aides

Flower Remedies; Healing With Essential Oils/Herbs;

Gifts of the Stone Lodge People; Chakras;

Ethereal Crystals/Stones; Animal Medicine/Totems;

Working With Colours; Feather Healing/ The Winged Ones;

Cardinal Directions; Smudging Ceremony

Attunement Process


As you can see the Sacred Breath manual contains lots of information and the attunement is a very gentle one, suitable for anyone.

This package includes: One level attunement to Master Level. The comprehensive manual; A Printed Certificate.

Can also be purchased as part of the money saving SOLANA Attunement Packages.

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