My personal philosophy and the Law.

Sadly, due to a change in legislation in the UK and an increasingly global litigious society we now live in, those of us who, like me believe in, practice and wish to share with others an holistic and/or spiritual approach to health and wellbeing may be at risk of being inappropriately pursued in law if we do not employ defining statements such as this which, although not exhaustive, I feel summarises my personal philosophy and practice.

I hold my beliefs as expressed personally and on this and my other websites as my truth. They give me comfort, reassurance and healing on all levels of my being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I also believe this is true when they are applied to others. I practice and teach only that which I have had first hand beneficial experience with and I work in honesty, trust and faith.

I do not suggest the definition of healing is to cure and my practices are intended to complement not replace the professional medical and psychological support offered by registered medical practitioners. I recommend that you contact your GP or other healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your health before consulting myself or any other holistic therapist.

Neither do I believe that I am 'conducting an experiment' or simply providing 'entertainment' when carrying out my holistic and spiritual practices. I believe in an holistic and spiritual approach to health and wellbeing and take full personal responsibility for my own interpretation of and action from my experiences - and advise that you do the same.

You have made a personal choice to read, to receive or to participate in the holistic and spiritual practices, guidance and advice I love to share and which are given in good faith. Whether received in person or remotely you hold complete responsibility for any decisions or actions you choose to make as a result.