Opening to Channel Workshop - 35

Followed by approx 10 weeks of channelling classes - 5

9.30am - 12pm or 7.30pm - 10pm

I am so pleased and excited to at last be facilitating workshops and classes around the book Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

During the Opening to Channel workshop, you will receive your own copy of the book in order that we can work through it together and you can continue to do so individually at home. The Opening to Channel process and guidance information will be outlined and discussed and then we shall begin our work in preparing to become clear and open channels for our Higher Self, our Soul or High Spiritual Guides and Angels who wish to bring their messages of guidance, support and teaching through us.

Opening to Channel Classes

After attending the workshop, I will facilitate approximately 10 closed group* evening classes through which we can meditate, practice and develop our channelling. These meetings will then continue if required by the group, but essentially you should be fully prepared and practicing conscious channelling by then.

* Meetings will be for those who attend the workshop to continue supported practice, exercise and development in a regular supportive group.

In Opening to Channel we will explore:

What is Channelling?

What Channelling is, what it will and will not do for you; what you can use your Channelling for; How to tell if you are ready - you may be more ready than you think


Channelling in Trance

What is a Trance state? How can I achieve it? Where you go when your Guide comes in, Choosing to remain conscious

Who are the Guides?

High-Level Guides; recognizing entities who are less-evolved; Personal Guides


How Guides Communicate With You

How Guides transmit messages; your role as receiver and translator


Getting Ready to Channel 

Preparing; Putting Up the Bubble of Light; Attracting your High-Level Guide; What to expect the first time; Your Soul or a Guide? Getting your Guide's name


Achieving a Trance State 

Exercise: Achieving a Relaxed State; Focus - An Element of the Channelling Space
Exercise: Holding a Focus and Concentration
Exercise: Attuning with Life-force Energy
Exercise: Trance Posture and Position

Connecting with your Guide


Greetings and Welcome;

Process: Ceremony of Welcome to the Guide's Realm and first meeting with your Guide
Process: Verbally Channelling your Guide; Questions to Ask Your Guide when you first start Channelling; Instructions for assisting and guiding a partner through first meeting

Graduation Ceremony - Congratulations on Opening to Channel


Reading for Others


Giving Readings to Other People; Handling people's questions; making your readings more positive; Developing your reading style;
Process: Tuning into Another Person


Predictions and Probable Futures


How Guides handle predictions; How Guides view the future
Process: Looking into probable futures for yourself
Channelling for yourself
Process: Giving yourself a reading


Channelling - A Great Awakening

Channelling - An Accelerated Spiritual Growth Path
Turning Your Doubts into Friends; Is Channelling just your Imagination? Your new relationship to your body


Strengthening Your Channelling


How Often Do You Channel? Strengthening the Connection; Receiving More Specific Information; Other Ways Your Guides Reach You; Will Channelling Help You Win the Lottery? Can You Change Guides? Channelling the Same Guide as others; Can You Lose Your Channelling Ability?


Going Out to the World as a Channel


Supportive Friends: One Key to Your Success; Your New Role with Friends; How to Talk About Channelling with Others; Going Public; Your Relationship to Other Channels


Channelling the Time is Now 


Channelling in the Past; Channelling The Time is now for Mankind; Find Your Time to Begin.

Both the workshop and the practice meetings will be hosted in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of my home in Heckington, where you will be welcomed with refreshments, an informal chat before settling to work through the meditations, exercises and channelling experiences of the Opening to Channel book. We will then have an opportunity to share your experiences if you wish over further refreshments.

As I might already have mentioned :-) I'm really excited to be bringing this opportunity forward and to facilitate your meeting and working consciously with your Highest Spiritual Guides!

To reserve a place on this workshop, please Contact Me. You are welcome to pay in full on the day, or if you prefer, you can pay online through Paypal, by following this link:


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