Hopi Earcandling (Thermo-Auricular Therapy) - Half Day Class - 35

For this half day or evening class you will be expected to do some homework, before you take the class! This enables me to reduce the amount of in person study time needed and therefore keep the costs down.

So prior to our meeting you will be sent a workshop manual, either by email or a printed copy via the post. The manual contains all the study material and information required to safely conduct a hopi earcandling treatment, and includes history and origins of Hopi Earcandling and the ingredients, manufacture and design of Biosun Earcandles.

You will learn the anatomy and physiology of the ear, the many and varied conditions that can be helped with this therapy together with the contra-Indications to its use.

I would like you to read through and learn this material in preparation for our class, during which I will confirm your understanding through a simple questions and answers test. Please don't worry, it's not hard and you can't fail! You will have an opportunity to ask questions and clarify anything you may be unsure of.

You will then be guided through practical experience in how to safely conduct a Hopi Earcandling Treatment including a wonderful face and ear massage.

Practitioner insurance, ethics and responsibilities will also be discussed and you will be issued with a certificate of attendance/completion at the end of the class.

To reserve a place on this class, please Contact Me. You are welcome to pay in full on the day, or if you prefer, you can pay online through Paypal, by following this link:


Other planned class dates can be found on my diary page but if these aren't convenient again please Contact Me and I will arrange a suitable date with you.



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