Develop your intuition with Archangel Gabriel - Half Day/Evening Class 25*


In this empowering Angel Class we will work closely through meditation and intention with Archangel Gabriel, to improve and enhance your intuition and angelic guidance.


We will also explore the ways that we can receive intuitive guidance, through our psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.


We all have these very natural intuitive gifts; they are what kept our ancestors alive in the early development of man on Earth. And although they are not as needed for our modern, every day living they are still present and serve to guide us from harm, impress us with our true objectives for this lifetime and to connect us to our own Higher Selves and to the Spirit Guides and Angels who support us on our Earth journey.


In finding out which of these skills is more strongly developed and used by you, you are given the opportunity to take more notice of the messages, guidance and support you are being given daily, most of which get missed! This is what the Angels wish us to do! To learn for ourselves, to reconnect ourselves to the gifts and spiritual connections we all possess.


*25 when within a group of 4-8 people. Individual guidance and tuition 30.


To reserve a place on this class, please Contact Me. You are welcome to pay in full on the day, or if you prefer, you can pay online through Paypal, by following this link:


Other planned class dates can be found on my diary page but if these aren't convenient again please Contact Me and I will arrange a suitable date with you.



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