Full Energy Healing Systems Attunements Package - 225

By purchasing this package you will save 55 when compared to purchasing these attunements separately.


This Attunements package is a wonderful opportunity to increase your energy sensitivity and healing skills, by receiving distance attunements to your own choice of any five of the Energy Systems listed below.


You will also be able to pass on these energy systems to your own students or other practitioners once attuned yourself. For further information on each system, please click their link below.


Your attunements will be arranged over a course of several weeks, to give you time to adjust to your new energies, study the manuals and practice your new healing techniques. I will contact you by email to acknowledge your payment and to arrange an appropriate attunements schedule with you. Or, if you prefer and provide your contact details I will gladly telephone to discuss the attunement schedule with you directly.


Once we have agreed an attunement schedule together, you will receive each manual by email prior to the attunement date so that you can read up and prepare for your attunement. If you have difficulties in receiving email documents or would prefer to receive printed hard copy versions of the manuals, I will be glad to provide them for you for a small additional fee of 2.50 per manual, which covers the cost of printing and postage. 


Akashic Records

Atlantian & Gaian Trilogy  All three attunements
Lemurian Energy Healing System  All Lemurian Attunements listed on Solana
Orb of Life System

Pleiadian DNA Clearing and Activation Programme * fixed fee system

Rainbow Orb Empowerment
Rainbow Light Healing System level 1
Rainbow Light Healing System level 2  The Rainbow Dove
Silver, Gold and Violet Flame 
Unicorn Energy Healing System

White Light Self Empowerment System  All 4 attunements to this system

This package includes: Attunements to all the distance energy healing system attunements listed on Solana (above). Healing System manuals; Individual Printed Certificates for all.

Please Contact Me if you would like to book this attunement package.

Click here to download current attunement catalogue listing all available distance and in person attunements and packages, guidance notes and preparation for distance attunement meditation, together with after care advice.


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