Distance Reiki Healing Treatment - 10


During a Distance Healing session I will connect with our guides and ask that the healing take place for your highest good. I will use Usui Reiki for your healing, although I may subsequently be guided to use other Reiki modalities or Energy Systems. Each Distance Healing session is different and unique, but all are relaxing and therapeutic.


All I will need in order to send your Distance Healing is your name and your location and if you are guided to share them, any details of specific problems or areas that are causing you concern. It also helps to have a photograph, but it is not essential.


Your Distance Healing will be sent at a mutually agreed time and all you will need to do is relax in a quiet place, where you won't be disturbed, for approximately 45 minutes. You can play relaxing music, light safely positioned candles and/or incense sticks or aroma oils to help create a relaxing atmosphere and then simply be open to receive the healing that will be sent.

Please Contact Me if you would like to receive or book a distance healing treatment.

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