Crystal Reiki Distance Attunement  - 10

*Prerequisite Reiki Master

Crystal Reiki Attunements are for Reiki Masters who are ready to progress to the next stage of their ascension and who are ready to accept the challenges of their next spiritual journey. Attunement to the higher vibrational frequencies of a Crystal Reiki Master will amplify all your psychic faculties and healing energies.

You will enter into the Oneness of All-That-Is; the font of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. And through accessing your deepest cellular memories you will once again resonate with the sacred Word, the energies of which will transport you into a new dimension of space and time.

PLEASE NOTE: To receive this attunement you will need 6 single or double terminated clear quartz points but if you have been attuned to the Ethereal Crystals system you can use the Etheric qualities instead of the natural crystals BUT nothing can compete with using the natural ones which can be purchased easily online, via eBay or in crystal shops.

You will receive:


One attunement to Master Level

A Manual
A Printed Certificate

Can also be purchased as part of the money saving SOLANA Attunement Packages or the Ethereal Crystal Reiki Package which combines Ethereal Crystals 1-9, Ethereal Crystals 10-12 and this Crystal Reiki attunement.


Please Contact Me if you would like to book this attunement or an attunement package or alternatively click here to go directly to our online shop.

Click here to download current attunement catalogue, listing all available distance and in person attunements and packages, guidance notes and preparation for distance attunement meditation, together with after care advice.  

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