Celtic Reiki  Distance Attunements - 10 per Degree

Celtic Reiki Master Package - 25


Celtic Reiki uses various symbols which are very straightforward and based on the ancient Druid alphabet. You also learn some Celtic philosophy and tradition along with some new techniques which are based on Celtic rituals. It can be used to treat many health issues as well as helping you and your clients to attain desires and goals.


There are three levels of Celtic Reiki and you must start by being attuned to Celtic Level 1 even if you are an experienced Usui Reiki Practitioner or Master.


It is advised that a period of adjustment, integration of energies and learning of techniques and materials takes place between each attunement level. At least a week is advised but you may feel that a longer period of adjustment and learning are appropriate.


There are six symbols to learn with each level. Master Level gives you the opportunity to teach and pass on this energy to others.


You will receive:


One Distance Attunement for each Degree purchased
A Manual for each Degree, sent by email as a pdf document

A Printed certificate for each Level.


If you purchase the Celtic Reiki Master Package, you will receive all three attunements to First, Second and Master Degree of Celtic Reiki, the three separate manuals and 3 printed certificates.


Can also be purchased as part of the money saving SOLANA Attunement Packages.

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Click here to download current attunement catalogue, listing all available distance and in person attunements and packages, guidance notes and preparation for distance attunement meditation, together with after care advice.


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