Atlantian Crystal Angels with Atlantic Light Temple Energy - 15



Channelled during February to May 2006 by Heidi Gebhard-Burger, this system introduces and attunes to you 9 Atlantian Healing Angels, headed by Kyra, a diamante Angel of the purest and most powerful energy working with the Soul Star Chakra - Stargate Chakra.


4 Larimar Angels are the Angels of Transformation, working on the Crown Chakra with 4 Kyanite Angels, the Angels of Independence, working on the Third Eye Chakra.


'These angels will bring light and love and a smile into your heart. They will dry your tears and laugh with you. They will comfort you and let your light shine again. Crystal Angels are the custodian of Atlantian Crystals and will help us to get in touch again with these energies in order to live again in our 'Divine Self' with all it's shining beauty.'

This system has one symbol, of the Atlantian Crystal Angel Kyra and is received by one distance attunement, having a lovely guided meditation to take you to an Atlantian Crystal Healing Palace to receive your energies and connection to these Crystal Angels. 


This beautiful energy was 'given' to Sabine van Tellingen on 20 October 2005 by Atlantian Angels and is an ideal companion to the Atlantian Crystal Angel energies and guided meditation.


In acknowledging the existence of many Light Temples in Atlantis, each attuned to specific frequencies for specific purposes, this system guides you through the use of the Green Healing Light Temple with a lovely walk through of a visualised consecration process aimed as relieving stress and moving you forward on your path.



Also included in this package is the Atlantis Power Symbol, identified by Ole Gabrielson on a piece of jewellery found in Egypt over 100 years ago. Amazed at the energy emanating from this symbol, giving great protection, healing and strengthening of intuition, Ole recreated the symbol which is presented to you here as an image that can be printed and made into a 'paper brace' but which you could also recreate onto more durable fabric should you wish.


This package includes: 2 short manuals and 1 Atlantis Power Symbol bracelet template and notes; 1 distance attunement; 2 printed certificates.

Can also be purchased as part of the money saving SOLANA Attunement Packages.

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