Angelic Workshop Series - One Day Workshop - 45

Angel Healing Part 2 - Angelic Crystals

In this 3rd in a series of 5 angelically inspired workshops we will continue our journey into Angel Healing, through the wonderful healing technique I call Angelic Crystals; a simple yet powerful energy healing technique that enables you to give healing with crystal and gemstone energies without having them physically there - cleansed, empowered and guided by the Angels.

You will:

  • Be guided in how to set up a safe and sacred healing space.

  • How to angelically cleanse and empower physical crystals and stones for healing and protection.

  • Learn how to dowse the chakras using a pendulum which will guide you to the health and state of balance of the energy centres prior to healing taking place.

  • Explore remote dowsing so that you can carry out distance healing using Angelic Crystals.

  • Channel Angelic guidance for each chakra through Angel Cards, to create a 'healing reading'.

  • You will also receive three separate attunements during our day together, each bringing the ethereal energies and healing properties of many crystals and gemstones into your aura for you to use for self healing and the healing of others.

A brief description of the properties and uses of each crystal is provided for reference within a workshop manual which also contains all the workshop content, healing and cleansing techniques.

You will receive a printed certificate of attendance at the end of our day together and ongoing support as you progress through your angelically guided healing.


You are welcome to pay in full on the day, or if you prefer, you can pay online through Paypal.


Please Contact Me if you would like to attend this workshop or are able to host or co-ordinate a group workshop at your own venue. As my hostess your place will be free if you have 4 or more people joining you x


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