Angelic Cleansing of the Aura and Chakras - Half Day/Evening Class 25*


In this delightful Angel Class you will experience two beautifully peaceful and relaxing angelic healing meditations which will cleanse and purify your Aura and your Chakras, leaving you with renewed energy levels and a feeling of general peace and wellbeing.


You will also be taught Angelic Aura shielding, enabling you to protect yourself from negative energies and influences.


Wonderful and experiential, it will leave you invigorated and energetically squeaky clean!


Once learned, you will be able to use these cleansing meditations regularly to maintain your own holistic health and wellbeing as well as your friends and family.


Class times available:


9.30am - 12 noon


12.30pm - 3pm


7.30pm - 10pm


*25 when within a group of 4-8 people. Individual guidance and tuition 35.


You are welcome to pay in full on the day, or if you prefer, you can pay online through Paypal.


Please Contact Me if you would like to attend this class or are able to host or co-ordinate a group class at your own venue. As my hostess your place will be free if you have 4 or more people joining you x


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