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Angel Workshops

Thank you for being such an inspiration. I truly had a wonderful day.


SC. Lincolnshire


Thank you for yesterday I really enjoyed myself it's given me more confidence in myself and it was lovely to meet yourself and lots of new people too.


KP. Lincoln


Distance Attunements

I am so glad that you are helping me with my spiritual growth, I feel unbelievably excited and thanks for making the package suit my needs. I think you are doing a great job and I hope one day to be a fine spiritual teacher like you.


LP. London



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Hello and welcome to Solana Holistic and Spiritual Health and name is Bev Lewis. A relaxed and friendly teacher, practitioner and spiritual counsellor, I love to empower and support students and clients in finding holistic and spiritual health and wellbeing. I do this through in-person and remote teaching, energy attunements, channelled guidance and readings and through holistic healing therapies. I have written and present many inspiring and empowering workshops and classes and support my students through development group meetings and ongoing email and in person support.

I hope that you will find your visit to Solana online enjoyable, informative, inspirational and easy to navigate! If you would like to experience any of the workshops, classes, group meetings or treatments available here, please do not hesitate to contact me 07962 005219. Appointments can be made to suit your own schedule if appointed dates are not suitable. Here are a few upcoming events, but please also check the diary page for further proposed workshop and event dates.

In April 2013 I completed a Return to Practice and midwifery continues to be a necessary focus of much of my attention, working clinical shifts, long days and night shifts on the wards at a local maternity unit, but it is my ultimate intention to maintain both of my passions, midwifery and my Solana spiritual and energy teaching and healing practices alongside each other.

Those clinical shifts have impacted on my availability for 'in person' time far too much over the past two or three years, for which I apologise and assure that I am trying to redress the balance. The wonderful 'cosmic shove' being experienced in this 'Leap Forward' leap year is helping!  So please, continue to bear with me for regular group meetings, but if you would like me to teach you Reiki, or if you would like to attend my wonderful Angel workshops or classes, learn how to Open to Channel, Nurturing Self or how to perform Hopi Earcandling, get in touch and we'll work around the 'off duty' as best we can :-) 

The sending of distance attunements shouldn't be isn't affected as much, as these tend to be mutually arranged anyway. And if you'd like any in person healing or guidance time with me, these too are mutually arranged and so we'll be able to arrange these around I would like to thank you for all your support and encouragement and give assurance of the continued sending of love, light and sprinkles on a daily basis for all those who need them :-)

Workshops and Classes

If you are interested in any of the workshops or classes I teach - would like to learn about the Angels and Archangels, Channelling, Hopi Earcandling or would like to start or progress in your Reiki journey, please contact me and I will arrange an appointment with you directly.


To my existing students... please bear with me, I'm waiting to hear what ward induction and shift dates have been arranged for me from w/17 June, as soon as I know I will be able to schedule some meeting dates x

If you do not currently attend a class but are interested in Opening To Channel, Meditation or the Angel Classes, please contact me.


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